Custom Glitter Tumblers, Glitter Cups, Glitter Dog Bowls!!

I had planned to make tumblers, cups etc., but life got in the way and then a friend asked me about her logo. I thought it could be better. I started asking her questions and from there I made her a car decal, added it to her paperwork, made another one for her whelping box and that led to adding it to Tumblers with glitter and her logo, and voila the site was started to showcase some of the work I can do for you! It’s endless…just ask me or send me a picture of something you are interested in! During Covid, I started doing many creative things and this is just one thing I enjoyed learning and doing! A few years before Covid, I was drawing dogs, pets and other animals. I love to do long-haired dogs and even better is to see their eyes in the reference picture you would send me. It’s so inspiring, but you can just buy what I have already drawn, either on greeting cards or Giclee painting, or anything that you are interested in. I also created lovely satin and ribbon collars with matching leashes, made with wonderful materials, so soft in your hands.

Links to my other creative sites of mine:

Bearded Collies - https://www.beardieart.com/ Collars and Leashes -https://www.collarmyworld.com/ Other breeds of dogs - https://www.dogart.beardieart.com/ Cats and other animals - https://www.petart.beardieart.com/
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